Manifest Paratours - Adventures in American Architecture

Cities and architectures develop through the stories we tell ourselves, and others, about them. These narratives redefine the city as a statistical entity or an ecological habitat, as personal fiction or as collective myth. Manifesthas developed a series of real and para-fictional excursions that expose the real – and fictional – motivations behind fragments of the built environment. The Para-tours use buildings as well as rooms and pieces of infrastructure to ignite critical conversations about American cities, their infrastructures and surrounding hinterlands.

The paratours were developed in collaboration with the Princeton-Mellon Initiative, and will take place in Chicago on October 2nd and in the New York-New Jersey Metro area on October 3rd. Tour leaders include Enrique Ramirez, Ang Li and Jaffer Kolb, GRNASFCK, Andrew Kovacs, Pedro Ignacio Alonso, and Dan Handel. More here.